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Energoprojekt was founded in 1952 in Belgrade and since 1982 it is located in the headquarters building which was financed, designed and constructed by the company itself and it is located at the address 12, Boulevard of Mihailo Pupin. In the meantime, business premises in Russia, Peru, Great Britain, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia and recently in Oman were bought or constructed from company’s funds.

The headquarters building of Energoprojekt has 44.570 m2 and it comprises on 4 blocks. It is a place where the most projects were created, the most challenging engineering problems were solved and from where the all abroad projects realization was supported. The headquarters building of Energoprojekt was designed by the architect Aleksandar Kekovic, who won prestigious award by magazine „Borba“ in 1983. Building is surrounded by more than 3.700 m2 of esplanades.
Nearby the main entrance of the building, there is the sculture „Phenix“ made by sculptor Nandor Gild. On April 11, 1988 Energoprojekt donated this artistic work to New Belgrade in honor of the Day of Liberation of this Municipality.
Particulary interesting for observers are the roof areas under the cupolas, spread on 1500 m2. The cupolas were made of comb polycarbonate at the aluminuim construction. On the roof of the headquarters building there is a solar power plant “Energosolar” of 110 kV. It was commissioned in November 2012 and it is one of the first of its kind in Serbia.

The headquarters building has a cinema auditory, galery space where often are organized artistic exhibitions, a lot of meeting and conference rooms, fitness center for employees, restaurant, as well as the room for the Association of Energoprojekt's pensioners. Within the headquarters building is a health center ambulance. The building is equipped with the alarm and video monitoring system, access control, fire sprinklers, as well as with the access ramps and wheelchairs lift that make better accessibility for disabled persons. There are 1.300 m2 of green area within the building.

Energoprojekt’s Headquarters Office Hours: Weekdays 08:00 to 16:00 hrs.
In Energoprojekt’s Headquarters it is prohibited the following:
● Entrance of employees and/or clients who are inappropriately dressed (shorts, t-shirt with suspenders, slippers and any other clothing that is inappropriate for business code);
● Entrance of employees and/or clients who are under the influence of alcohol or other opiates;
● Entrance of employees and/or clients who behave violently;
● Entrance of employees and/or clients whose vehicles are improperly parked (in front of the main entrance, or out of the appropriate parking space);
● Entering of any weapons or explosives;
● Unauthorized sale of any goods;
● Introduction of pets;
● Clients are not allowed to go out of the business premises unless they are accompanied by appropriate persons from Energoprojekt.


Energoprojekt Entrance Map

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